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Friday, December 02, 2005

What the people of Europe REALLY think of the US and its policies

My roommate is doing an LLM (Law Masters) in the US this year. She is also an attorney at one of the largest firms in Zurich, Switzerland (on leave to do teh LLM). We were discussing an article that came out today about how Condi is fixing to get tough with in how DARE the EU get upset at the US treatment of detainees, and how DARE they get mad at us for giving the Geneva Convention Treaty the bird.

I found my roommate's take on that article, and on the US in general, rather telling:
Sorry, but I have to tell you that I really hate this country, its arrogance and ignorance. I really hope that in a few years the rest of the world will isolate the U.S. and its so called "war on terror"- this is actually your war and not ours... get the European troops out of Iraq and let the U.S. fight against the rest of the world. Maybe then the U.S. people will wake up and start thinking differently. and if not- good night and good luck America....