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Monday, January 30, 2006

Implications of the Hammas win, or Holy Sh*t, Batman!

I have, in the past, bantered about with some both here and at Pam's House Blend about the face of what Islam, as a political movement, means.

More than once, I have suggested, strongly, that Islam as a political movement is more like the Pentacostals on Anger-Steroids-a-go-go than "a religion of peace."

So, given the recent Hammas* wins in the PA, letting the speaker speak for himself is better than commenting.

So, from a religious Islamic website that is "moderate" in flavor (, I bring you the following commentary (linked to the original form here).

Intelligence services intercepted information about possible future attacks on the American Jewry and its interests. This information teaches us that the people behind the threat are now more precise than ever : we don’t want troubles to all Americans, our target is very precise : we want to dislodge the Jews heavily controlling centres of power and propaganda in America.
Most people agree today that sept.11th attack was a very precise wide action: the head of the Snake: the Zionist Occupied Government and its outstanding symbols.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." — Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

Help to cleanse America of the cursed Jew , the main cause of anti-Americanism everywhere. The Jew who exported his conflict with Arabs to us. The Jewish high influence which is transforming USA to an instrument of war and to a worldwide dictatorship.
We are inheriting our today’s paranoia and daily psychosis of insecurity from the Jew. Each American is considered today in the Muslim world as a Jew under an American mask. The whole America is seen as a duplicate of Israel.

Fortunately, there is today a more and more growing awareness in America about the Jewish Question .Many ways to end it soon are underway .

People in Europa , China, Russia etc. (excepted Israel) are not living the same paranoia of threat simply because their Jewry is numerically less significant and less influent compared to America. Governments and public opinion in these countries are today against a war against Iraq. They consider the Judeao-American rush to war as suspect and contrary to the universal principles, to the international legality and to morals.

Remember Franklin Benjamin’s prophecy (1789): his early warning about the Jews and their assault on centres of power and decision in America.

In the far past , Babylon ( the today’s Iraq) destroyed the Kingdom of Israel. Almost 3000 years after, there is still a strong belief among the Jewry that a second destruction of the Kingdom of Israel (today’s Israel) by Iraq (ancient Babylon) is a possible assumption. The preventive destruction of Babylon( today’s Iraq) and the dirty jobs are going to be done today by the US Army. As a reward , we will be "controlling soon the abundant Iraqi oil".

The today’s US-Iraq crisis is showing clearly that it is far much easier to dupe the American opinion than the rest of the world.

Warmonger Jewish occupied media in America:
At the origin, the media were an additional instrument of democracy, a faithful mirror of the society. More precisely, the media were intended to be an indirect means of popular control of the government actions. The Jews occupied progressively this instrument, corrupted it and proved to us that this instrument can be transformed into a tool of smooth dictatorship: modelling the public opinion as required, like a modelling clay.
Remember the first measure taken by Hitler against the German Jews : no Jew in the German media.

Any questions as to why I left these fine folk?

* Note cover story is about PA and Israel: given the flavor, can we really buy this source as unbiassed?