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Monday, January 09, 2006

On A Personal Note

Pray For Rain

Grass fires. Oklahoma is burning.

There are fires both east and west of Tulsa. OK has not had rain for a long time. One report said it's been close to 100 days. There are burning bans everywhere.

Two hundred twenty homes and businesses have burned in the rural areas in the past two months. People are starting to have 'allergy attacks' (maybe due to smoke in the air?). This last bit is anecdotal, since it's not from anyone medical, but rather from conversation with others.

I woke up coughing within the last hour and took a decongestant. I hope there is rain soon.

On a different note: Level Two (second semester of nursing school) begins in less than four hours. The coursework seems a bit daunting. I need to focus on one day at a time and attend to what is before me each day.

Pray for rain.

Since Nov. 1 in Oklahoma, grass fires have consumed about 353,000 acres, destroyed more than 220 homes and businesses and been blamed for the deaths of two people.
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ About 200 out-of-state firefighters and support personnel have arrived in Oklahoma within the past week to help fire crews battle grass fires across the state.
The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains activated to support local fire departments and other first responders who continue to battle wildfires across Oklahoma.
From Tulsa World newspaper this morning
Across Oklahoma, fire crews responded to more than 30 fires during the day, including a large blaze in southeast Oklahoma that scorched about 6,000 acres, according to the state's incident command center in Shawnee.

530pm Monday Jan 9, 2006 Update - Two things:

1)This email arrived today from a friend in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
"The fires have gotten within 5 miles of my home, so I have been told. So far they have burned on the east, south, and west of me. Sometimes I can smell the smoke and twice we could see it in the air. Sinus infection is what I am hearing the most about. Several herds of cattle have been trapped by the flames. I have friends on the police department and volunteer fire department that try to keep me informed. I pray a lot."

2)I told my mom about midday today about the fires and the need for rain, and how it hasn't rained in OK for almost 100 days. Now, a few hours later, there are thick clouds covering the sky, moisture in the air, and a forecast for rain for tomorrow. (Yesterday there was no rain forcast for the next week or so.) Maybe my momma has been praying up a storm. Literally. I could believe she has a special direct line to God. Thanks to all of you who do think of others and pray or send good thoughts or energy or meditate on good things. We're all in this (world, life) together. It means a lot to know people care. Thanks for being there.

And, a p.s. about school. I'm cautiously optimistic. :) I think it (this semester) is going to be okay. At any rate, the 1st day went well.