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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Republican Spin Machine WaPo stands behind false assertions on Abramoff

It seems that George's Republican Spin Machine extends well beyond the likes of Upstairs-Downstairs Bill O'Lie-ly, self-made heifer Rush Turdbaugh, and the shrill Tran Coulter.

Per this article at, WaPo still stands behind assertions that Jack-the-Hack Abramoff and the K Street Project have Democratic connections, too.

As those who read both (1) regularly and (2) with attention to detail know, Abramoff, the K Street Project, and all the crap now going down with both the Republican Party and this mis-administration have about as much to do with Democrats, the Democratic Party, Democratic Officials, or anyone just a shade Left of "W," Dick, and DeLay-Frist-Robertson crowd than, say, a dentist has to do with a colo-rectal examination.

The term "nada" comes to mind.

Per the Salon article, which is well worth the day pass and is likely the most intense read of the week, the WaPo seeks to "prove" their claims rather than standing up, being honest, and admitting error.

Sound a bit familiar? Relative to tax cuts, WMDs, and a war somewhere in the Middle East?

This disgusting deception is an excellent time to hold WaPo editor's Deborah Howell to the fire and insist she, as the Washington Post's ombudsman, quote facts and sources - because should she not do so?

This deception really will be one of the last knells for free speech in the nation.

The WaPo had a pivotal role in taking down the only administration as dirty and corrupt as this one - namely Nixon's administration. Should the WaPo fail to embrace the responsibilities it has to both free speech as well as to being a member of the fourth estate (look up "fourth estate" should you not know the reference), we should, as bright, dedicated liberals, be prepared to return the favor tenfold on Editor Howell's head.