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Monday, February 06, 2006

My fave African-heritage feminist, next to Pam, of course.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali.



Member of Dutch Parliment.

Kinda striking (check out the photo, below).

And, like me, an Ex-Muslim

She speaks out about the political Islam thing, about the riots, about the threats, and about a few other things, here, in this exclusive.

I could just kiss her for what she says in this interview (and we ALL know I don't kiss the girls freely).


Well, bloody hell: I don't kiss anyone freely. Let's be real, here!

Seriously, though - go read and come back and comment: Ali's insight on the whole Cartoon issue is just fantastic (watching a stupid commercial for day pass required, but worth it).

CORRECTION: this article was translated from the German by Christopher Sultan and was provided to Salon by Der Spiegel. My apologies for not checking credits accurately.