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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One of the most disturbing documentaries I have ever seen

Last night, I watched FRONTLINE because I have been seeing this episode promoted about the Lefty Blogosphere. The episode itself is one detailing the gradually-exposed slave trade.

I don't mean the slave trade addressed in a previous FRONTLINE episode where some East African and Mideastern nations are engaging in the now-minimally-addressed slave trade for cheap labor.

I mean slave trading for sex workers.

That's right - buying and selling human beings as sex workers. Kidnapped, bought, and sold. In 2006. Out of Eastern Europe. Here is a link to the relevant site on the FRONTLINE home page.

What, exactly, was that clap-trap in the 1980s again about how "Freedom, Capitalism, and Democracy will solve all the Soviet-Bloc problems?"

Despite a variety of issues, I doubt Eastern Europeans behind the Iron Curtain faced outright sale of their relatives to the Turkish slave trade - which is, according to this report, precisely what is happening.

This is not to say the old, left Soviet Bloc was "good." Any authoritarian state sucks (although I would argue the majority of authoritarian states are more right than left, historically speaking). But phone taps, citizen surveillance, secret police, and breadlines, other than sounding like what we ourselves are becoming, are one thing.

Having your wives and daughters sold to Apo in Turkey (notorious sex-slave trader in Istanbul) , where she can be expected to service at least 15 men a day, seven days a week, until she grows ill from malnutrition and an assortment of infections is, entirely, another.