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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The sHillary Backlash

As most here know, Pam has had a series of posts at the Blend about Senator sHillary Clitten and her "suck up for money and votes and then drop her supporters" actions.

It seems the fine Senator's actions are now catching up with her, as those in the solidly Democratic branch of the Democratic Party are getting sick of sHillary's Republican-Lite turncoat flim-flam.

The most significant moment came yesterday, when the Empire State Pride Agenda said "Hell no!" to requests for fundraising asistance. Clicking here will take you to the original Pam's House Blend Post - and links at Pam's will take you to The New York Observer, where this all started.

I was just so impressed with my fellow New York Liberals, I had to chime in:

Registered Democrat, Monroe County
Registered Member, MoveOn Progressive PAC
Contributor, Julien's List (GLBT blog)
Rochester, NY 14615

Dear Empire State Pride Agenda Representative:

Today, I read this article about Executive Director
Alan Van Capelle's decision to not support Senator
Hillary Clinton in any future endeavors given her
stances and policies.

The article I mention is linked to a GLBT blog, Pam's
House Blend here:

Given driving out to your offices, throwing my arms
around Alan Van Capelle's neck, and intimately kissing
him breathless for finally standing up to a Turncoat
Liberal like Clinton would be (1) inconvenient, (2)
time consuming, (3) awkward, (4) likely a tad
embarrassing for all involved, and (5) a rather
probable way to get arrested (although, believe me,
when I read the article, doing as described *WAS* my
first instinct), I quelled my enthusiasm and decided
to write this note instead.

A note is more civil, after all.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for finally taking a stand for
GLBT liberals - and for GLBT liberals in a state
reputed for *BEING* liberal, at that.

When I first moved to New York State in 2004 from a
Hate State (Ohio), I was initially impressed with
Senator Clinton's "newsmaker" face and comments.

As she started shilling for the Iraq war, defending
her husband's DOMA legislation, cheering for CAFTA in
light of NAFTA as New York job losses continue,
co-supporting "Flag Burning Legislation" with a
GLBT-hating-and-baiting Republican nut-job from Utah,
and finally saber-rattling at Iran in the pages of
Salon Magazine . . . and then she has the tasteless
gall to come and ask GLBT folks for votes and money?

This series of events rather left a bad taste in my

I sincerely, vigorously, unabashedly, unashamedly, and
publicly thank both the Empire State Pride Agenda and
Director Alan Van Capelle's courage to stand up and
say, "Hey! No more 'something for nothing, lady!'"

Please note I copied the publishers (who are, in some
degree, also my friends) on this letter: the GLBT
community needs and deserves to know that (1) not only
did someone finally say "Enough!" to the Spineless,
Self-Serving, Democratic Turncoats like Clinton who
sell out their supporters . . . but that (2) one of
the GLBT people you support by your work is willing to
publicly support you, too.

VERY well done - and so tastefully, too: thank you!
Thank you so very much!

The only possible way I could be any happier this
moment is if you managed to get the South-Central
Republican-Lite Carpetbagger back on a train to



Cc: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, via Senatorial

This, however, is not the end: stay tuned to our local section of the blog-o-sphere for the "NO!" campaign, which could be launched as early as tomorrow.

And what is the "NO!" campaign?

You have to come back to find out!

UPDATE: Pam of Pam's House Blend posted the letter over at her place. For those of you so inspired, I'm sure the Empire State Pride Agenda would appreciate some support for taking a strong stand on GLBT rights. Their homepage is here.