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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sounding the Call for Ohio Boycott

I have been mulling this post by Pam over at House Blend for a number of days. This post is about Ohio's next major anti-gay bit of legislation: rest assured, Ohio is NOT done with discrimination yet.

Well, thanks to an endless supply of Republican-Christian-Wing-Nut behavior, I have a serious proposal I think it's time we all considered. And here are my reasons why I think we should consider it:

(1) Is it time to address this garbage behavior and garbage legislation coming out of places like Ohio: I am utterly disgusted, I have had it, and I do not want to take another moment of this kind of crap any longer. I am utterly sure Pam and Russ share this sentiment. I have been in regular communication with Jay Lassiter of both and Lassiter Space and the feedback I get is the same - even as is the sentiment by our usually-better-mannered-than-damn-cranky-me Ms. Julien.

The reality is, we simply do not have to tolerate this treatment: we non-Christians, non-Midwesterners, non-heterosexuals are citizens as well.

Seriously - think about it: we are bloodly citizens, no different from these Hate State folks.


(2) This endless portrayal of the more "progressive" (which means "more gay friendly") places in the nation as "filled with weirdo-nutcase-twig-chewing-hemp-wearing-hug-the-damn-bunny-while-being-rude-and-self-absorbed people" needs to stop.

For one, this perception of who the Progressive State people are by the Ohiolike folk is inaccurate.

This perception is also disrespectful to the Nation's history: the coast was long-established and the true cradles of the nation - with New York being the oldest of the bunch.

Hello? New Amsterdam? And when that that particular gig start?

To here the Ohiolike folk tell "how it is," we Progressive State people have sitting and sucking baby bottles, spending all our time in group-therapy, from the get-go.

I don't think so. For one, Washington started the American Revolution here - in the Battle of Long Island.

Both the East and the West has a history of being a bit scrappy, hard-assed, and overachieving.

I think that's something we need to be proud of: we did the work (and still do - think about the Wall Street scandals) so the Ohiolike folk can sit in judgement of us?

So this "tarring by default" that happens with such moves by places like "Ohio - the Fart of it All!?"


(3) We, the folks in the more progressive places, are generally not a damn thing like the Ohiolike folk portray us. But we keep taking the portrayal and keeping our mouths shut.

And, truthfully, in my experience? We Progressive State people tend to behave better in the "Frist" place.

I ought to know - I'm a transplant. I moved here from "Ohio - The Fart of it All!" Never, in all my days, have I known a such a large volume of self-absorbed, JEEEEE-zzuzz loving, neighbor-hating, Bible-beating, self-aggrandizing, no-tax-paying, criticizing, without-knowing-nothing, right-wing-loudmouths as I did in Ohio, that Midwestern Hell.

Because I was raised in "Ohio - the Fart of it ALL!", however, I thought "this is normal."

Speaking from experience, those Ohiolike folk, the Good, Republican, Midwestern Christians they are, view the East and the West as seething with pushy, rude, self-absorbed, arrogant, Volvo-driving, tattoo-covered, psychologist-addicted Communists. Hell, the Wells-Fargo bitch at the North Columbus office said to my partner during the process of signing the mortgage papers, "Now, when you get to Rochester, you don't let those snooty New Yorkers push you around or Jew you down! Just remember, even if you come from Ohio, you are JUST as good as they are!" The damn Wells-Fargo bitch had JEEEE-zzuzz and Angle paraphernalia all over her office - which means she likely voted for Taft, Bush, and the Ohio Marriage Amendment.

So, who was really pushing US around?

The reality is, ever since I moved to the North East, I have not encountered GLBT discrimination as I did in Ohio. I have not found people looking down their noses at me for my ethnic background - or for the fact I am not Christian. I have not found people trying to push their right-wing bullshit on my plate. In fact, I HAVE found: (1) genuine tolerance; (2) genuine acceptance; (3) a level of decency I have not seen before - neighbors who actually work together, as a community on issues; (4) a tremendous kindness and "we take care of our own" mentality. Sure, people are brusque and busy - but just below the surface, whether it's Jay in New Jersy or Jason in Brooklyn or my neighbors in Rochester . . . EVERYONE seems to really have a sense of "we treat people right."

Until I moved here, I never had a neighbor decide to shovel out my driveway for me - without asking - because they knew I had to be at the hospital early in the morning. Until I moved here, I never encountered a large population of people who give respect and consideration to not only those who "look different" or "live different," but also "think different."

Meanwhile, in Ohio, they drive by and pretend not to see an old lady who slid off the road. "Mind your own business! I'm sure she has friends and family of her own!" they bark, in between puffing out quotes of Rush, the Bible, and cigarette smoke. The Ohiolike folk try to cram their views down any "different" throat and then, in justification, offer the "it's always been this way - and we are better" bullshit justification.


(4) We Progressive State people have a history of the positives I am describing above and we need to be damn proud and stand up for what is right - as we have always done.

I have noticed Blue Staters can think with more than a few neurons at once. I have to say that I have more respect for someone who can say to me (a) I'm not comfortable with GLBTs or Blacks or Hispaics, (b) acknowledge that their discomfort is prejudice and then (c) do and say the right thing in a public setting, despite their discomfort. Such is the face of "prejudice" here - where those who carry the prejudice still acknowledge that "behaving decently" is a part of the greater North East Culture.

And Ohio?

Well - that link to Pam's article tells us all we need to know about "Ohio - The Fart of it All!"

Utterly enough!

You Ohio swine can live as you want - but you've pushed too far this time with your going-yet-further State-Sanctioned discrimination. I was ready to start this backlash when I was reading articles about how the Christian Coalition types are funding missions and outretches (and I do mean "outretches") in the North East and West to help further the Republican Christian cause . . . but nobody was sufficiently riled at the time.

Seems some people are finally riled - and I'm well beyond riled at this point.


In support of our Ohio GLBT bretheren, I am strongly suggesting we (1) not travel to or through Ohio; (2) not use Ohio instutions such as universities or foundations; (3) not use products or services from Ohio-based companies (which would include the Kentucky-side suburbs of Cincinnati, Florence and Covington).

Jay is already on-board with this idea and I will be working with him on furthering the issue.

Why a boycott?

At the end of the day, the damn Republicans and damn JEEEEE-zzuzz kissers understand only one thing: MONEY.

Well, stay tuned to Julien's List and to Jay's blogs (linked above): if we can help any Liberals, GLBTS, or Non-JEEEEE-zzuzz kissers in Ohio (or even just simply some poor disenfranchised folk who happen to live in "Ohio - The Fart of it All!) get their voices back by pressuring the powers-that-be with some bucks?

You bet we're going to do it.

Ohio went one step too far this time: sure, there are more Hate-States out there, but it's time to make an example of one. And that one just raised it's hand, stood, and reported for duty.

Stay tuned for more information.