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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

FOUND! Dem with Spine: Thank You, Senator Feingold!


A Democrat with a spine, who can CLEARLY articulate a position.

Senator Russ Feingold tells the locals back home about why he wants to censure Bush and end illegal spying on hardworking, tax-paying US Citizens.

Instead of doing like Joe LIEberman or sHillary Clinton and ducking, dodging, cowering, and positioning, Feingold takes a strong clear stand - and the response?

Applause bringing down the house. Here's an excerpt.

when Feingold made his case to censure the president, he received sustained applause from a crowd of nearly 100 people at the Belle Plaine Community Center in Shawano County.

"If you were on the phone with an al-Qaida person, I support your being wiretapped, all the time, for a long time," he told the audience. "We have laws already that allow the president to wiretap your line for 72 hours without a warrant. All he has to do is apply for that warrant. . . . The whole thing they're saying about how Senator Feingold doesn't want us to be able to wiretap. That's absolute nonsense. I support wiretapping every single person who is working with a terrorist. Just do it within the law. That's all we ask."

In an interview, Feingold said letters to his office were running 3 to 1 in favor of his censure position. He said "people are coming around," although only two Democratic senators have become co-sponsors of the resolution: Tom Harkin of Iowa and Barbara Boxer of California.

"We cannot allow the president of the United States to break the law," he said. "Censure is a quick way to solve the problem. Pass a resolution. It's over. We can get back to the work of fighting terrorism, dealing with health care issues."

Feingold received a favorable hearing in Belle Plaine and at a later session at the Menominee County Highway Department.

"When he called for the censure, it pleased me enormously. The issue is not a safe issue because so much of the public seems to be in support of wiretapping," said Joan Hoffman, 69, who lives in Menominee County.

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