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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jay is Kicking Butt

Earlier this week, between spending time listening to my patient tell me about how (1) the CIA implanted a monitor-transmitter in the spouse's skull to monitor the family, (2) family members are trying to poison the patient by breaking into the hospital dispensary at night to fill all medications with cocaine and (3) the patient's spouse uses a special virus-and-bacteria-derived sexual lubricant and engages in rampant sex in all 50 states in the attempt to thin the world's burdening population via STDs (so, "yes, it was a damn long week," thank you very much), I had a chance to have a chat with Jay Lassiter of Lassiter Space.

this would be Jay, protesting the Iraq war

I have probably commented on Jay before - I rather like his company and his insight: he is one of those very liberal liberals with the "critical thinking" wiring more heavily focused on how he develops his views than the "how I feel" wiring.

I rather respect that perspective and try to maintain it myself: if everything was "how I feel," at the end of the day, that patient I described above would have as much a right to vote feelings as those who want to hug bunnies, shrubs, twigs, and berries. Surely, sometimes (and some would argue "often") I fail: I am a damn cranky and damn irritable liberal, but I am starting to suspect I need to remain that way if, for no other reason, it leaves me with thicker skin and more rigid spine than people like sHillary.

As for the "feelings" issue and "the CIA is putting implants in my family," given the patient is clearly mentally ill, I guess this would be a good moment to think about the next time any of us considers the voting booth, and the "how we feel" versus "what we know" issue eh?

In any case, back to Jay . . . .

Jay has started is own unique protest against Iraq. One I think is profoundly interesting: read about it here, but feel free to comment back here, too!

Oh - and Jay does give credit to the original protestor, but this may be a good time to join him, perhaps, in finding a creative way to stand up and say, "NO!"

I'd not advise standing up and saying, "The CIA is putting implants in my head."

From Rochester,