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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wildmon Loves Dobson -- Another Rocky Mountain Love Story or Where Is Annie Proulx When You Need Her

Matt Foreman, NGLTF's executive director, and other utterly charming folks from a dandy little group called DefCon -- Campaign to Defend the Constitution Because the Religious Right Is Wrong -- have been so successful at getting the goat of the Head-Ground-Zero-AmTaliban-In-Charge, James Dobson, that his best buddy, the American Family Association's Donald Wildmon, has been reduced to begging their sheep to write Dobson little buck-up notes.

The cause of all that Rocky Mountain ennui?...the DefCon ad in Wednesday's New York Times entitled, "These Religious Leaders Have A Serious Gambling Problem" that ties Dobson, Ralph Reed, and Lou Sheldon to Jack Abramoff. I suggest you ignore Wildmon and, instead, send Dobson a paper hanky and a metal slug with instructions that he 'call someone who cares.'

While you're waiting for that to get there, send Dobson, Ralph Reed, and Lou Sheldon an e-mail via the DefCon site suggesting that they stop telling others how to act and start practicing what they preach.