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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dean Recants, Sorta

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana blog has an update wherein he describes "a red-faced Dean" backpedalling. Dean also says, in so many words, that the platform plank is nothing more than toothless, platitudinous mush except for the important difference that it opposes a constitutional amendment designed to "short-circuit" the pathway to justice.

In other words, virtual equality lives on at the DNC, continuing to push actual civil equality aside.

HRC's Joe Solomonese wasn't buying Dean's denouement, either:

"Governor Dean's comments weren't a mere slip of the tongue but a glaring reminder of the governor's lack of leadership on this issue.

"As we face a Senate vote in June that threatens to put discrimination in our Constitution, Governor Dean should not only have known better but he should have used the opportunity to speak out about the lack of values involved in the current constitutional debate.

"While Governor Dean's clarification of the Democratic platform's inclusive message is a step in the right direction, it's imperative that the Democratic National Committee and Governor Dean himself continue on that path in a clear and unequivocal way. We join fellow gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender leaders in concern over a troubling series of missteps that fail to convey Governor Dean's and the DNC's commitment to equality."

Nor did Rusty Shackelford in his response to the Stonewall Democrats' doing their best "yeller dawg":

"Oh please mary,

We know this wasn't a mistake. Gay Democrats have corrected Dean on this very issue before.

"Are you going to tell me that Governor Dean just didn't know what his own party platform says?

"Are you going to tell me that Governor Dean went to speak to Pat Robertson at the 700 club and WASN'T prepared by his communications team to answer a question on marriage?

"This was planned. And Dean is intentionally distancing the DNC from the LGBT Community because he mistakenly believes it will help come election time. He is wrong!"

Rusty then gets down to brass tacks:

"If you don't take a stronger stand on this issue, and soon, you might as well go to your conference with a big sign around your neck that reads 'Kick Me'."