Marriage is love.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What a friend said to me about how she feels about war:

"War is nothing but government-mandated retroactive abortions. If they want to take my child to fight in the war, I'd say to them, 'If I hadn't wanted this child, I wouldn't have gone through 9 months of puking and misery. I could have had an abortion.' That could have been my choice. They want to tell you that you can't kill them when you conceive, but then they take them without your consent and kill them after you've had all that time to get attached, and you have no choice. People don't think about how mothers feel. We don't want people to take our babies ... EVER. I mean, really, think about it. How can they say abortion is so wrong? They throw a big fit saying, 'You can't kill. You can't kill. It is a viable life.' An eighteen year old is definitely a viable life. It's not that I'm for abortion. I'm not. But, I think the two are comparable."