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Monday, August 29, 2005

A Very Nice Email in Response to My New Orleans Post

I awoke this morning to a wonderful letter in my inbox. This is the post she is referring to:

Thanks for your post about NO. It didn't really hit me about how deadly this might be until someone in my church last night said 300,000 people could die if it hits NO. Then, I saw your post later.
I guess the fact that NO is below sea level and could become a lake of toxic waste and destroyed property and bodies just didn't hit me until last night. Since then, I've been wondering if all the 'red state' people who voted for gwb are praying for the people of NO. I hope we all are, in our own way.
Thanks for making it very personal.

I notice that (most) readers feel the same way, and I thank those readers who have sent their thoughts, wishes, and prayers for the people in NOLA and the surrounding areas. There are some wonderful, evolved people in this cyber-network.

Ms. Julien