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Friday, December 02, 2005

To Answer a Repeated Question

After my posting of the apology to my Senator (Clinton; the original letter is here), I got a few notes asking, "Hey! What the hell did you say to Hillary that was so bad? Tell! Tell! Tell!"

Well, a gentleman (although some may choose other words for me) does not kiss and tell - or at least tell too much. Extending said perspective, the same should apply to slap and tell: the details will remain between me and Hillary's flunky.

But, in light of the "too much" qualifier, I must confess I did address her by one rather popular "Free Republic" nickname. One nickname that just reeks of bad taste and, therefore, one I adore because I am, most certainly, a vulgar, cranky man.

Oscar Wilde did say, after all, "A Gentleman is one who does not inflict pain . . . unnecessarily."

So what is that nickname, you ask?

The Honorable Senator BILLary CLITten.

I hate the Freepers . . . but that nickname I do so adore. So, for those of you who wondered, you have an answer!

Happy Weekend! And Happy CLITten to you, this Holiday Season!